No Look Cup

Info for Teams


The Hostel is called

Brigittenau Youth Palace
Adalbert-Stifter-Strasse 73
1200 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 33 282 94

Breakfast is from 6:45 to 9:45
Upon Check-in just state your team name, and you will have a number of double rooms allocated to your delegation. You can decide yourselves who gets to be in the room with who. Guide dogs are okay and you need to bring your own towels!


The Pitch is called

ASKÖ Brigittenau
Hopsagasse 5
1200 Vienna

Here only guide dogs are permitted. There is a cafeteria located at the sports facility where we will have Lunch and the BBQ on Saturday.

Route to Pitch from Hostel


Breakfast at the Hostel
Lunch is at the Location on Pitch around 12:00

Saturday night: BBQ at the Pitch from 19:00
Sunday night: Italian Food in the City Center, Departure from the Hostel at 18:30


13th of August:

9:15 Opening Ceremony

10:30 MIK Sound –

13:30 FC. ST Pauli –

16:00 MIK Sound – FC St. Pauli

14th of August:

9:30 FC St. Pauli – MIK Sound

11:30 – MIK Sound

14:30 FC St. Pauli –

15:45 Trophy Ceremony (after conclusion of the final game)

Match Rules:

Matches will be played in 2×20 minutes running time. The only stops are for substitutions, timeouts and penalties.
Eyepatches will be provided and we will perform double-patching. There will be an instruction on this


Bettina +43 676 633 9304
Joe +43 650 9337339
Michael (Coordination) +43 699 11621393